Monday, July 25, 2016

Mars at Twilight: A Detective Ace Sloan Mystery WAITING ON APPROVAL

Mars at Twilight: A Detective Ace Sloan Mystery

By William Graham

In this fourth and final installment of the Detective Ace Sloan series, Sloan must solve the murders of multiple members of a prominent Martian family and a distinguished poet all while cultivating a relationship with a new lover and dealing with a sudden serious health issue. More than ever, he must lean on Detective Kate Hammer to assist him in solving the crimes. Like the other Sloan mysteries (The Red Planet Murders, The Red Planet President and Mars at Midnight), this book brims with intrigue and suspense set against the Martian landscape in the 22nd century.

MY REVIEW OF Mars at Twilight

Detective Ace Sloan is taking a well-needed vacation at the Pleasure Dome Resort when he notices a flurry of police activity. Even on vacation he can’t pass on a murder investigation. It seems the son of the wealthy Martian agri-business mogul was the victim. Then, when another family member is also murdered, Sloan and his partner conclude that the Billings family has been targeted and they must unravel the clues quickly to figure out why, and who is the murderer.

I always enjoy reading about Ace Sloan’s investigations. I had mixed feelings this time though. I was unhappy with the ending, and that’s all I can say without giving spoilers. As usual, I liked the plot being on Martian soil, and following a murder investigation. I’m glad Sloan finally achieves a relationship. That was a pleasant surprise. After the first three books, I feel like he deserved it. This was a short read, but had plenty of action going on to keep me engrossed.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Who Told You That You Are Naked Book Review

Who Told You That You Are Naked?

By Guy Right

Are You Facing Trials & Hard Challenges?

Does God want to rescue you? Do you want Him to?

There is a grace revolution sweeping the world - the return to the New Covenant of grace as explained in the Bible. The Bible says that if we have to work for grace then grace is not grace. Grace is the unearned and undeserved favor of God. This book is a product of grace, where it is not our obedience but the obedience of Son of God that provides us with a way out in life when there is simply no way. We are rescued, not because we are good, but because God is good! Are you desperate? Are you suffering and in pain? Is the naked truth about your sins and failures disqualifying you from God’s help? Then you need to know that only the unworthy qualify for God’s grace. If you need to receive God’s help, then this book will change your mind about God and position you to receive the abundant life that Jesus promised. 


This book grabbed my attention on the first page. It posed the same questions that I have always wondered about. I liked the way the author expounded on what the title means. It was refreshing to hear the breakdown explanations of the many ways that Satan has deceived mankind. This helped me to see new patterns that I had never seen before.

The author states that the Bible is an amazing book in its intricacies and details, but I think that’s an understatement. The Bible is so much more than that. It’s a handbook to help us live right, and do right, in the eyes of God. I agree that you should always check the context of a quoted verse before believing anything you read or are told. The book highlighted aspects of the reversal of Adam’s curse, giving credence to Jesus’ return to save mankind from his own destruction. It gives examples of Job and Moses being self-righteous, and blaming God for their downfall, instead of blaming Satan, the true culprit. It did my soul good being reminded of this. I enjoyed the book, and learned a few things from the discussion of the topics it contained. It definitely changed my way of thinking.

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GearXS Deals Expiring July 25

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