Thursday, February 23, 2017

Zazzle February Specials

Zazzle February Specials 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Onyx Webb Book Three Review

Onyx Webb: Book Three: Episodes 7, 8, 9

By Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz

Welcome Back to the World of Onyx Webb! This is Book Three. (Episodes 7, 8 & 9)

Haven't Gotten Entangled Yet? Please Start with Book One.

As with Book Two, this book promises to be just as twisted, dark, creepy and continues to weave more of the web together.
Onyx Webb is a complex multi-genre mash-up that combines elements of supernatural suspense, crime, horror, romance, and more. The Onyx Webb series follows the unusual life of Onyx Webb along with a central group of characters in various locations and times.
The billionaire Mulvaney family, piano prodigy Juniper Cole and her brother Quinn, paranormal show hosts Cryer and Fudge, and a few others make up the core of the series. Written like a book version of your favorite tv series (think: supernatural soap opera like American Horror Story) each character’s story moves forward with most every episode. It may appear that the characters are entirely unrelated and yet episode by episode, the connections will become clearer. Like being an inch away from a spider web, with each book, the web will move further and further away revealing the full story of every character and most importantly, the stunning conclusion for Onyx Webb herself.

In Book Three:

  1. It’s in the late 30's, Onyx and Ulrich have started a new life in Crimson Cove.
  2. It’s 2010, and Koda Mulvaney is picking up the pieces of the latest tragedy.
  3. It’s the 60's and Declan Mulvaney is building his family fortune - a good intent with horrible consequences.


The spider’s web continues to grow in book three. Onyx is still in the dark on what’s happening to her. Tommy and Declan have parted ways, but continue their loyalty to each other. Koda delves further into the mystery of the girl in the mirror. And Cryer and Fudge continue their search for proof of ghostly encounters.

I can’t seem to put this series down. The web drew me in from the beginning and continues to amaze me. Each story is spookier than the last. I am so glad that there are many more adventures ahead for each of these characters.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

President's Day Flash Sale at Cricut

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